Cure Our Kids

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Medical treatment is only half the solution when it comes to childhood cancer. Cure Our Kids is here to help children with cancer and the families who love them with the rest.

Since 2001, Cure Our Kids’ mission has been to restore normalcy to the lives of children with cancer and the families who love them at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Through programs that address the emotional, social and financial needs of brave young patients and their families, Cure Our Kids empowers families to cope with the many painful challenges that childhood cancer presents.

Cure Our Kids delivers a range of support services to help families cope with the many challenges childhood cancer presents. This ensures that families, in turn, have the strength and resilience to give their sick child the emotional support they need.

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Google Earth Online Estimates

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We have a great new feature on our site that uses the power of Google Earth to help you get an estimate in 3 easy steps.

  1. Install Google Earth for Desktop or Mobile
  2. Find your location and use the Ruler Tool to get the perimeter of the house/building (m2)
  3. Add the area and the number of levels to the form below to get your estimate.

Click here to start your estimate now.