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Area / Volume / General Calculations

  1. Volume is calculated as Length x Depth x Width.
  2. There are 1000 litres in a cubic metre.
  3. 1 cubic metre of product covers, 10 square metres at a depth of 100mm.
  4. A roll of turf covers 1 square metre. (0.5m wide x 2m long)
  5. 40×25 or 33×30 litre bags of product make 1 cubic metre.
  6. 1 m3 of garden mix weighs approximately 1.2 tonne.
  7. 1 m3 of mulch weighs approximately 300kg.

Concreting / Bricklaying

  1. To mix 1m of concrete you need 1.2t – blue metal, 0.6t sand, 15x20kg bags cement
  2. Mortar mix 6 – Brickies sand : 0.5 Lime : 1 Cement
  3. Concrete mix 4- Blue metal : 2 River sand : 1 Cement
  4. 1.25t of sand + 7x20kg bags of cement lays 1000 bricks
  5. A standard brick is 230 x 110 x 76mm, 52 bricks make up 1 square metre.

Home Delivery Information

Value for money is achieved by reducing the number of deliveries you need. Sometimes we are able to carry 2 or 3 different bulk products on our trucks, depending upon the quantities. Truck access can also be an issue. The information below is a guide to what we can deliver. Please confirm with our sales staff when placing your order.

Delivery Access

  • 4t Truck Needs minimum 2.6m width, 2.8m height.
  • 6t Truck Needs minimum 3m width, 2.8m height.
  • 13t Truck Needs minimum 3m width, 4m height.

Truck Capacity

  • 4t Truck
    • 3-4m3 of Garden Mix / 4t of sands, gravels and aggregates
    • 4m3 of mulch. (78m if the truck has high sides)
  • 6t Truck
    • 5-6m3 of Garden Mix / 6t of sands, gravels and aggregates
    • 8m3 of mulch
  • 13t Truck
    • 10-13m3 of Garden Mix / 13t of sands, gravels and aggregates
    • 15-20m3 of mulch
  • 17t Truck
    • 15-18m3 of Garden Mix / 17t of gravel
    • 30m3 of mulch
  • Pallet Truck
    • No Hyab 14 pallets.
    • Hyab 12 pallets
  • Semi Tipper or Truck & Dog
    • 30-35m3 of Garden Mix / 26-33t of sands, gravels and aggregates
    • 40-90m3 of mulch